5 hours worth of sales training videos from an expert. These 4-6 minute sales videos break down professional sales into the basics. Anyone can use and apply the information they learn in these 59 videos. I hope you enjoy the journey.

These videos were made between 2014-2019. I was going to keep making videos, but, I didn't know how interested people would be in them?

"Sales has been my life. I created these videos in my free time in hopes to help others out there who need advice from an expert."

- Sherry Moore

Hi, I’m Sherry Moore

I have worked in Corporate America doing sales for Verizon Yellow Pages, at&t Yellow Pages and even worked for U-Haul's main reservations center in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am an entrepreneur in sales since 2007. I have a total of 22.5 years combined sales experiences: 11 years in sales, 7.5 years in appointment setting (which is part of the sales process), and 4 years in management and/or building sales processes.

Currently, I consult clients, manage and build teams, build sales processes, do sales or appointment setting for my clients.

July 2021